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Sohoj Calculus by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal

Book Name: Sohoj Calculus by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal
বাংলা বই : সহজ ক্যালকুলাস - মুহম্মদ জাফর ইকবাল

Book Category : Bangla Science Book , Math Book
Book Writer: Md. Jafar Iqbal
Book Format: Portable Document Format - PDF File
Book Language: Bengali
Book info: 18 Megabytes and 85 Pages
Book Courtesy: Amar Boi & eBoi Org

Book Review:

`Sohoj Calculus'
Everyone is accustomed to hearing the names of arithmetic, algebra, geometry. When you hear the name of calculus, but many people sit motionless. Assuming it is a matter of adults. But the funny thing is. Not everyone knows that calculus can be understood or used if you know a few simple mathematical processes like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. This little book is written to give everyone that news.

Calculus has always seemed like magic to me! Everyone who studies science or technology has to learn it sooner or later. But many times I have seen children continue to work after learning some rules of using calculus. Not interested in her inner beauty, so I wrote this little book to arouse interest in calculus in children!
However, I would like to remind everyone that the rules for writing a book on mathematics have not been followed in this book. Calculus has also been used in an example where at least one place is not a real function (let's see who can figure it out!) So if someone stops reading this book, it won't happen, they will have to read a real calculus book after finishing reading it.
One more thing can be reminded that people should not read this book in the same way as they read a story in bed or with their hands on their cheeks. You have to sit at the chair-table and read it with the notebook and pen in hand, you have to understand the examples, you have to solve the exercises! If not, but will not learn calculus! Muhammad Zafar Iqbal 9.7.2018.

পরিশিষ্ট- ৮৫
Sohoj Calculus by Mohammad Zafar Iqbal is a popular Bengali book and another popular novel by Mohammad Zafar Iqbal. The book was first published from Dhaka, Bangladesh and is a collection of popular stories of Bangladesh in the Bengali language, the Liberation War of 1971. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal is a popular Bangladeshi science fiction writer, columnist and author. Mohammad Zafar was born in 1952 in Sylhet. His father Faizur Rahman Ahmed was a police officer and freedom fighter who was killed during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971, and his mother Ayesha Fayez. He is a professor or CSE. He is popular for science fiction and children's literature. He has won many awards at home and abroad. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal's popular books are Kabil Kohkafi, Bakulappu, British Thikana, Ritin, Camp, Shular Nam Pothochhari, Ek Durbal Manush, Adhunik Op Shopper Golpo, Nat Boltu, Octopashar Chok, Nitu and his friends Noor, Bo and Download Homo sapiens, Priyo Gagan and Onnanno from Bang Mohammad Zafar Iqbal Read Science Fiction, Novels, Children's Books, Liberation War Books, Bangla Books, Science Books in PDF Format and Sohoj Calculus, Written by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Popular by Sohoz Download Iqbal Bengali Novel PDF. - মুহম্মদ জাফর ইকবালের জনপ্রিয় সাইন্স ফিকশন, উপন্যাস, বাংলা বই, বাংলা উপন্যাস, গল্পের বই, ছোটদের বই, গণিতের বই, বিজ্ঞান বিষয়ক বই, ডাউনলোড করুন ও পড়ুন।

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